Blackboard Art

Hi, Pavinder here for you again. I hope you have enjoyed my blog entries so far, I really do try to write interesting things and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments and feedback. Thank you so much!!

So today I wanted to tell you about an interesting type of art I have started to enjoy. I work part time at my friends café. I really enjoy it because I love good food and drink and she has a very nice place. She has lots of local art on the walls and some very interesting knick knacks from all around the world. Anyway, she only has a small menu but she is often wanting to change it due to seasonality and just what takes her fancy from day to day really. There are a few staple things that she always has available but customers love to come to see what new and exciting thing she has on the menu that day. She needed to think of a way to create a menu that was easily changeable so I suggested to save wasting paper all of the time to instead write everything on blackboards. They are easily changeable and can look very cool! I’m not sure if blackboard art is an official thing but I just love drawing and writing on them. My friend is not so good at writing and drawing so has given me free rein to design her blackboards. I just love the affects you can create with the chalk such as smudging the chalk with your finger to create a shadowed effect. You can use so many different colours and the contrast of the chalk against the black of the board is very eye catching! The customers have been impressed with this and having blackboards out on the street has drawn a lot of new customers inside!