Building a Bespoke Kitchen

Hey Folks! Welcome back to my blog.


A New Kitchen:


So, after the big event of ripping the wall separating my kitchen and dining room down recently, I’ve been on the hunt for some freestanding furniture to complete my new farmhouse kitchen. I really like the idea of buying freestanding furniture, mostly because it is appropriate for the period property that I live in but I would also like to choose a kitchen I love and be able to swap little pieces here and there, as and when I become tired of them. My tastes change quite frequently, to be honest, and I’d rather not be stuck with the same matching kitchen units for many years to come.  I bought my existing kitchen units some 10 or so years ago and I’ve pretty much detested them for the last 8 years. Such a large investment means being stuck with something one does not like for an extended period. Surely it is better to be more flexible and be able to mix it up a bit?



Finding free Standing kitchen Units:


So, I’ve been out to all my local flea markets, antique stores and thrift shops but everything is so darn expensive and there is no way I will be able to fill the kitchen by buying locally sourced antique and freestanding pieces.  I’d love to be able to wander around leisurely, choosing beautiful and unique pieces here and there but I just don’t have the time or the money to achieve the look I want by shopping this way. I have seen some really lovely freestanding kitchen units and dressers though and I’ve had to stop myself from agreeing to purchase them right there, on the spot.  On one shopping spree I actually got to the stage of negotiating a better price but, even with my decent bargaining skills, the price was too high for me. This disgruntled the shop keeper immensely but he still failed to offer me a better price, so I walked away.


Could I Transition Towards Contemporary Furniture?


I bit the bullet and even checked in my local Ikea store last weekend because I had hope that I might find some modern pieces that I could mix up with some of the expensive antique units that I’ve seen.  It was no good though. I’m just not a fan of contemporary furniture at all. It all looks so cheap, poorly made and tacky as far as I am concerned.  From a distance, some contemporary pieces are actually quite beautiful and eye catching but, on closer inspection, the quality is always poor.



Looks Old But Is New:


One option is that I could buy newly made furniture that has been copied from an original antique piece. There is a huge industry now in Vietnam for this, where mass production of antique looking furniture is being shipped to other parts of the world.  The problem with this is that, although more economically sound, this option would involve buying furniture of an inferior quality to that which was actually made 100 or more years ago. I would like my kitchen units to last the duration and not start to look shabby in 5 or so years.


Buying Secondhand Online:


I’ve been hunting around on the internet for antique furniture at reasonable prices. There’s such a huge selection available and delivery costs appear to be much less than I had anticipated. I’ve found some real bargains and beautiful freestanding kitchen units on this wonderful website. There’s such a great selection of antiques available on various websites that the high street dealers really do need to catch up with the online market, in terms of variety and price. Otherwise, I am sad to say, we may see a disappearance of flea markets and antiques stores in our local cities, towns and villages. This would be a great shame, as I do love to wander haplessly around antiques markets, hunting around for the rare bargain. Un fortunately the pleasure of this, at least for me, does not outweigh the cost saved by buying online. Such a shame!



Updates Soon:


As soon as I have started receiving some of the items I have selected online I will be sure to update you and, of course, provide photographs of my purchases. I can’t wait until I have a kitchen full of freestanding dressers, islands, units and sideboards. It’s so exciting to think that I will be creating my very own, unique and bespoke kitchen, made up of carefully selected items suited directly to my individual taste. Then all I will have to ponder is what type of fridge and oven will suit my new kitchen!


So long for now, best wishes and happy thoughts.