Cement Wall in my Bathroom

Industrial Lines in the Bathroom:


I talked last time about my design style and love for mixing the industrial look with softer, earthier tones and vintage furniture and ornamental pieces. One aspect of the industrial look that has become increasingly more popular in recent years, and is a look that I really enjoy, is having a cement or concrete wall or floor. I first noticed this design trend in flashy restaurants, where often the bathroom floor is laid with cement or polished concrete, rather than tiles.  This got me thinking that I would like to achieve this effect within my own home but rather than covering a floor in concrete or cement, I am planning to create a cement wall in my bathroom, much like the one in the photograph below.



I really love to have clean, strong lines in the bathroom. It is really the only room in the house where I don’t like to have too much fuss. After all, the most important thing, as far as I am concerned, is that my bathroom looks clean. Clutter just makes a bathroom look like an unappealing space to get clean in, as well as all the other things one does in a bathroom!!  But with clean lines and no clutter in the bathroom, there is nothing more appealing then stepping into a warm bath. Alongside the cement wall, I would really like an old roll top bath tub, preferably in a vintage shade of dark green. To complete the look, a simple bowl design sink unit will really work. I don’t want a completely industrial look in the bathroom because then it won’t have the homely, warming effect that one desires when soaking in a hot tub. So, to create clean lines but with some warm appeal, I will also buy an upholstered chair and have a small number of candles in the window alcove.



Finding a Cement Mixer for Sale:


As you know by now, I am very keen on DIY so this will be a renovation job that I take on by myself. Mixing cement is something new to me but I imagine, with the right equipment, it will be a fairly easy task. After mixing the cement I will trowel it onto my plastered wall and then smooth it out, or polish it, with a cloth. My first task is to find a cement mixer for sale. There are some bargains to be had here: cement mixer for sale and I’m quite surprised how cheaply I can pick up a cement mixer for sale. I don’t need a brand new one or something that has a very high spec because it will not be for commercial use. However, because I want to finish on the wall to be perfect, I am keen to find a fairly decent cement mixer for sale as opposed to attempting to mix the cement by hand in a bucket.


Mixing the Cement:


To achieve a really good look, I will buy good quality cement and mix it properly in my new cement mixer. There are some fantastic tips on the House and Garden webisite, houseandgarden, which provides lots of great ideas for achieving a really nice, polished finish to the cement.


Mixing cement seems to be a fairly straightforward task. First I need to find some good cement. Because the wall will be in the bathroom I need a good quality cement with temperature sensitivity and water resistance. Once I have found this and a cement mixer for sale I can start the process.  I need to mix the cement with some fine sand. I will then place 1 part cement and 2 parts sand into my cement mixer. I will then add more cement and fine sand to this now soupy mixture and mix it again until well combined and once it has reached the perfect consistency. 


I have some extremely beautiful green and red vintage colonial tiles in my bathroom so I have to be extremely careful to cover these completely before mixing and applying the cement, otherwise I may well just ruin them forever, which would be utterly heartbreaking as I searched high and low for them across the globe! I will also rip out my old bathroom suite before I start and not replace it with the new set until the cement wall has completely dried out. Once the cement has been mixed to the perfect consistency I need to get it onto the wall immediately, before it has a chance to dry out and turn lumpy. Therefore, I will mix small amounts of cement at a time, trowel small sections of the wall, polish them with a cloth and go back to the mixer for the next batch.


Right, I’m off to complete task one: finding a good deal on a cement mixer for sale. I’ll report back soon with my progress! Bye for now.