Designing a Wendy House for my Niece and Nephew

You know by now that I am a big fan of art and design. I also mentioned in my last article who much of a fan I was of buildings and architecture. Well, my Auntie is also aware of these facts so she called me the other day and asked me whether I’d like to take on a project for them. My Auntie’s two young children are aged four and five, there is almost exactly 12 months between them as my Auntie got pregnant virtually straightaway after giving birth to the first. This means that their birthdays are within the same week so they tend to get a shared birthday party and combined gifts.

Exciting Project

This year, my Auntie wanted to do something special. Rather than everyone spending money on separate gifts, she’s got most of the family to put their money together so that they can buy an outdoor Wendy House for the kids to play in. They don’t want it to just be a standard boring wooden cabin, they’ve asked if I can help them choose a Wendy House and want me to decorate it with some art work so that its completely unique from any other Wendy House you’ll see.

They have a relatively good budget to spend on one with the money they’ve collected and the money they have saved. After all it is a joint present too so we want to get something big enough and something that’s fun enough for them to get a few years of enjoyment out of. I was quite excited by the request and was looking forward to getting the project underway. I told them that I’d be happy to give some of my savings too so that we can make it extra special. I spend a lot of the time with their family as I was very close to my Auntie growing up so I’m more than happy to help.


The Search is on!

The search is on now and we’ve been looking at all the different shapes, sizes and designs available. I was really surprised how many different kinds there are now. My younger sister had one in our garden when we were kids and it was just a standard wooden frame with a slanted roof and a small upstairs section that you could climb-up to. It was quite small but me and my friends did use it for a sleepover one night and we had some good fun. The one’s we’ve been looking at are a lot nicer than that was but my parents were on a tight budget when they bought my sisters. The style I like most are raised from the ground so you also have an area underneath. They have steps up to a little balcony area where there’s the door into the house. Inside, there’s also an upstairs section to give you that extra room to play.

I think we’ve found one!

There’s lots of different styles at the and the prices range from a few hundred pounds to over a grand and a half. It’s no surprise that my two favourite one’s are at the top of that price range. There’s one of the raised one’s like I mentioned that also has a slide down as an extra element and then there’s a lovely pink one with a lovely shape and design. I think the pink one is already the finished article so there isn’t really much I can do to that one. The other one however, is plain wood and would be perfect for me to add my own artwork to. Plus, the pink one is too girly and it’s going to have to suit both boy and girl tastes. The area underneath also means we can add a nice picnic table for them to sit with shade from the sun and protection from the rain. We could maybe get another couple of things to go with the slide too like a seesaw and swing. We’d have to see how much of the budget is left though.




I had been looked around at second-hand stores online for a Wendy House for sale and I did find some great bargains. My own concern is then though that you are a bit limited to the style you can get and they may already have rot or mould present. If we get one brand new, we can get the one we like and make sure its treated properly etc. I think the decision has been made so as long as my Auntie is still happy with the budget we’d talked about; we’ll order that one asap so I can start setting about the design. We have about 3 weeks left before the present needs to be ready and wrapped so that doesn’t leave a whole heap of time.