Finding a Roll Top Clawfoot Bathtub

In my last post I talked about creating a polished cement wall for my perfect bathroom. I still haven’t purchased a cement mixer but I am on the hunt for a good deal.  I have also become quite distracted by my search for a roll top bath tub. In particular, I would like to find a clawfoot tub.  The clawfoot tub was very popular amongst the wealthy elite in the late 19th century and because of their popularity it is possible to find them within the antiques market.  As well as their popularity, clawfoot baths were made from cast iron and coated with porcelain so they are very strong and durable which means, when someone does come across one, they are likely to find something that is usable and mostly intact. 



It would really make my dreams come true if I was to come across an antique, genuine, 19th century roll top clawfoot bath. However, as this is highly unlikely, I am happy to settle for a replica. Clawfoot baths have been copied with such hand made skill and finesse that they absolutely resemble their ancestral counterparts. I recently found a small dealer who is selling clawfoot bath tubs made by an individual cast iron monger. This individual creates his bath tubs with integrity, whilst paying homage to the past. He also uses the traditional method of casting the iron and then lining it with porcelain.  The most exciting thing about finding someone who is doing this on such a small scale is that he can make me a bespoke roll top clawfoot tub for me.  As I have my heart set on a dark antique green roll top clawfoot bath I think that commissioning a piece from this local artisan is the most practical and timely option for me.