Gadgets to Help With Spring Cleaning

Hey everyone, welcome back to my home and garden blog. Spring time is hear, and with that comes melting snow and mucky dirt roads so I am off work for a couple weeks. I am hoping that I can use this time positively, I have planned on doing some cleaning and maybe even doing some jamming if I have the ambition. Since I could be called in for work at any moment I am having to make the most of my time so I decided to look for the any ways that I could speed up my spring cleaning process. Thanks to I found some sweet tools and gadgets to help my clean up my house in a shorter amount of time than normal, if you want a little bit of help with spring cleaning check out these cool products.

  Spring Cleaning


Most people ( me included) hate vacuuming. It is loud, the cord gets caught on everything and never works as well as it is supposed to be. That is why when I saw a used Roomba for sale online, I had to get it. I might even get another one to clean my shop, and it seems like there are a lot of cheap one still available at if you want one for yourself. The only thing I will warn you about is if you have small animals, then you may want to make sure they are not leaving and poop on the floor for the Roomba to find.


Robot Lawn Mower

Generally I don’t like to mix spinning blades and robots, but my hayfever has been pretty bad so far this year so I decided to finally give these things a go. I found a Robot mower used at and decided why not; I am not going to get one of these cheaper for at least 5 years so I may as well try it I thought. It was a pretty good decision I think, I don’t have a huge yard but I have lots of trees and bushes that this thing goes arround perfectly. I started growing my own chilies last week and it hasn’t even touched them, so I am impressed.

Robotic Lawn Mower

Air Purifier

With all the dust that gets kicked up during cleaning and the allergens coming in from the freshly cut grass, the air in your house can get really dirty and full of harmful debris. Since having an allergen test done last year, I decided that I wanted to keep my house more free of these nasty allergens so I bought a Dyson air purifier. Called the Pure Cool, this purifier is good for removing pet dander, odors, and even smoke. This is really something you should have in your house all year round.


Clean Up!

Now that you have all your gadgets to save time spring cleaning, time to get at it! You wasted enough time buying all those gadgets that you might finish on time with their help. Just kidding, these things are so helpful that half my house has been cleaned while I was writing this. Let me know how it goes, and if you have any ideas for a time saving spring cleaning gadget. See you later everyone.