Growing Chilies

Growing Chilies 


Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and as excited about the holidays as I am.


Today I wanted to talk about chillies.  I am a massive fan of all types of spicy food, and after spending a ridiculous amount of money of chillies my partner finally asked me why I hadn’t just started growing my own.   It's not something I had every thought og, so earlier this year I planted some little chilli seeds, and they’ve grown beautifully over the summer and even in my tiny garden I’ve managed to grow enough so that I hardly ever have to buy any in the shops.  I wanted to pass my chilli knowledge onto you all so that if you’re chilli hot heads like me you’ll be able to grow your own tasty chillies.  


There's so many different varieties of chillies available, whether you’re looking for a specific taste such as ‘Fatali’ or ‘Cherry bomb’ or if you just want something with an intense heat ‘Bhut Jolokia’.


The most important thing when growing chillies is that they need continual warmth and light, so it’s best to grow them inside somewhere warm near to a window.  March time is the best time to sow chillies, and it’s best to sow them in fine seed compost, in 3 inch pots.


Drainage is important in chillis, so make sure the water can escape, and don’t overwater them!  Try not to water them every day.


As the chilli plants grow bigger it is best to replant them in larger pots, it's best to do this gradually, so go from a 3 inch pot to a half litre pot, then to a 1 litre pot and then to a 3 litre pot.  


Feed the chillis after about 6 weeks, although this will vary depending on the type.


I hope this helps and next year you’ll be swamped with chillies!