Interior design

Hello everyone, hope you are all well! So today I wanted to explore some new design ideas for renovating my home! I really want to update my living space and explore some new, contemporary design concepts. That being said I really love retro and vintage styles so my dream would be to create a space that explores both of these design aspects in order to create something that is both comfortable and cool. I love having a space that has lots of different textures, different styles of furniture. I think it’s important when you see something random that you like to just buy it and fill your home with lots of interesting and unique pieces.

I love the industrial or warehouse feel of hard lines, metal on wood and lots of black and dark grey. Big airy loft spaces are perhaps the best setting for this style and I think it’s important to soften those hard lines with warm lighting, earthy tones and touches of other interiors and textures. I think the touches of wood can really open the door to vintage pieces, helping to break away from the industrial feel. The 70’s is a big inspiration for me and would work well here with its Scandinavian teak and pine, geometric shapes, bold colours and soft terracotta edges.

I also love Moroccan interior design with its mix of cultures and religions it features a vast array of textures, beautiful archways, delicate tile work  and rich vibrant colours. There is something so warm and inviting about this style.

When it comes to kitchens I love the country farm house feel, wooden surfaces, a traditional aga cooker and a big heavy white sink.

Wow….I really could go on for ever about the different styles that I like but I will leave the rest until next time!