Kitchen Storage Tips

 Hey everyone, welcome back to my home and garden blog. How many of you have smacked your heads/shoulders/hands/elbows on your standard kitchen cabinets whether they be closed or open? Maybe you have gone so far as to look into getting one of the controversial hipster looking open shelves. But before you grow your beard our and plan your move to Santa Fe, take a look at this little in between that isn’t that much in reality. These could be right up your alley if you are looking for something visually interesting that can add some much need storage space to your food room. 


Note-wall cubbies are not open shelves. These are two separate yet similar types of shelving. While cubbies may still be fairly hipster, they just make everything feel a bit more contained. You have a place for everything, and if done right everything will be in it’s place. They may need a bit of dusting(although not nearly as much as open shelves do) but the job is fairly simple as everything is just right there. There is no more disarray when looking through a cupboard and finding two cupboards worth of supplies, and you can see where everything goes and fits beforehand. 

Different Shapes and Styles

These wall boxes might start off looking a bit old fashioned, but they fit so well in modern spaces. You can put them beside existing cabinets even to get some use of of what would otherwise be a useless space on the wall, or the spaghetti testing station. You can use them in spaces that just couldn’t fit a normal cabinet, even if you only put one or two cubbies in. A great addition to any kitchen, you just have to be willing to take that first plunge.

Kitchen Cubbies