Knocking Down Walls

Hey there, I just wanted to give you all an update on my latest home improvements. 


Last week, I finally built up the courage to knock down the partition wall that has, for the last 20 years or so, been creating a dining area and kitchen in a space that was meant to just be one room. I have a beautiful old farmhouse and I’ve always longed for a large farmhouse kitchen but this very silly renovation in my house has prevented that for many years. I finally had enough and started bashing away at the wall myself with a sledgehammer. After many failed attempts to even make a dent in the plaster, I finally gave in and called a builder.


The very next day a team of builders came over and, within two days, they had knocked down the entire wall, plastered over the new gaps in the finish and painted the whole room in a fresh coat of off white. It looks divine but now I have a slightly odd looking kitchen as one side is adorned with kitchen units and the other is completely bare.



I must think of a plan to address this issue quickly as I am extremely house-proud and have family coming to visit next month. One idea is to rip out the kitchen units altogether and buy freestanding cupboards. I really don’t like modern furniture. I mean, occasionally it can look nice but it’s mostly not my style. Our local flea markets and antique shops are so expensive so I was wondering if any of my followers have any experience of buying vintage and antique freestanding kitchen units online? I’m thinking that this could be a much more cost-effective option for me. I’m looking at mostly sideboards and dressers. I already have a beautiful piece that I can set the Belfast sink into.


Any advice would be most welcomed. Many Thanks,