Make your Own Path

Hey everyone, how are you all doing this fine spring day? Welcome (and to my loyal readers welcome back) to my home and garden blog. It is so nice outside today, so I went for a walk around the green area around my house. I was pretty disturbed to find out that my neighbours had been throwing their junk all around this beautiful space. There was rubbish from fast food, beer, and even toiletries. The thing I found most was actually construction material. Roof tiles, bricks, cinder blocks and much much more. My neighbors and landlord don’t want to stop dumping their rubbish everywhere, so I thought I would do something myself. I collected all the broken roof tiles and bricks and brought them home to create something for myself.


Recycled Materials turn into a Path

In front of the stairs leading up to my house is just straight mud and dirt. There is some random bits of concrete slewn about, and a platform that is sticking up in a small area about 5 metres from the stairs. I decided to take these bricks and tiles and use them to make a small path leading to this platform. For this, I poured down some sand and mixed it with water and the mud that is there. Then I laid the broken tile pieces in my new gluey mixture and let them dry. This isn’t perfect, and after some rain the tiles fall out pretty easily and some of them aren’t flat on either side so they naturally stick out, but this seems like a great way to make use of all this scrap material. Take a look in the green areas where you live for anything you can use to make your own path around the house. Have a great day everyone, talk to you soon.

 Brick Path