Must have Gardening Tools

Hey everyone, I would like to give you all a hug and welcome you back to my home and garden blog. Well, if I wasn’t so dirty from spring cleaning that it! Now that the house is cleaned up it is time for me to move onto outside and start making the garden look like the beautiful forest of flowers it can be. To do this I need lots of tools though, and since this is the first time I have lived in a house that has a garden I am having to buy everything for the first time. Luckily I have been able to find everything I need at a cheap price from which has allowed me to really stock up on gardening tools. Here are some of the tools I found every gardener should have, beginner or not.

Gardening Tools

Gardening Gloves

If I had a nickle for every time that I had gotten a cut or a rash from something I pulled out of the ground in the past week, I would be able to pay someone else to do this! I finally got the picture and bought myself a nice pair of used gardening gloves that I saw for sale on and since then my hands are as smooth as..smooth hands. I thought I had something for that but I guess not. You should remember to put your gardening gloves in a place easily accessible if you are out in the yard, such as your garden shed. If you find that your gloves start to get really thick and starchy that is no problem, just give them a rinse in warm water and use a tiny, tiny amount of vegetable oil on the rubber.

Gardening Tgloves

Hand Trowel

These little tools are a gardeners best friend and I wish I had realized that sooner. A hand trowel is perfect for digging out weeds, planting fresh herbs or small flowers and they can even be used as a shovel if you need to. I found there to be some great options for used trowels on and I suggest you look there if you are needing to pick one up. My favorite brand for trowels is Fiskars, and they also make some other great gardening tools so look out for these ones!

Garden Trowel 

More Tools

There are so, so many tools that you should have if you expect to do some serious gardening. These include spades, rakes, shovels, hoes, wheelbarrows and so much more. What tools do you think are essential to making your garden look good? If you have any suggestions then please leave them in the comments section below, I am really interested in finding out what your guys think about this. If you enjoyed this post and want to read more of my posts about the home and the garden, then why not read my newest post about making a custom stone path for your yard.